It’s not just cars and vans that can be tracked. Campervans can also benefit from having a tracker system. Our team can supply and fit a state-of-the-art campervan tracker for complete peace of mind on the road. A campervan tracker is a great option if you are looking to protect your van and deter would-be thieves. Read some of the benefits of our tracker systems below! Get in touch to book in.

Free smartphone app

Track your campervan from your smartphone. Any time, any place.

Thatcham approved

Our campervan tracking systems are Thatcham approved.

Movement sensor

Feel safe whilst adventuring in your van with the peace of mind from the movement sensors.

Vehicle alarm alert

You will be alerted when your van alarm is going off when you are out and about.

3 year warranty

Our campervan tracking system comes with a 3 year warranty.

Battery low level alert

Low battery level alert allows you time to replace to batteries so there’s no downtime.


Our team supply and install campervan tracker systems for your motorhome. These devices use the latest in tracking technology using GPS, GSM, as well as GPRS to send information to the secure global telemetrics control centre. 

Our tracker system is classed as a Stolen Vehicle Tracking (STV) device which will protect your vehicle with Interpol ICPO assistance in over 100 countries. Therefore, with our tracker system, you can you can enjoy adventures in many countries with complete peace of mind.


A campervan tracker does more than let you check where you van is. You have access to multiple features such as a mobile app, movement sensors, alarm alert and so much more. Take steps to deter thieves, protect your campervan and get in touch today!

A camper on the road being tracked with a campervan tracker
tracker app scaled Campervan Tracker