If you’re looking for a company that offers campervan solar panel fitting then you’ve come to the right place. Our team in Alva, Central Scotland can install a solar panel system to suit your specific needs. Give us a call today to discuss!


Is off grid exploring more your thing? We’ve got you covered with our off grid solar system that will require minimal top up from mains sources. Installing a solar system on your campervan means exploring to your heart’s content!

A solar panel on your campervan will charge your battery for FREE! Every time the sun comes out, even on cloudy days, your battery will be topped up allowing you to stay off grid for longer. This gives you the freedom to travel for longer and discover some hidden gems, as long as the sun is in the sky!

Not only will you have the freedom the explore, but keeping your battery charged from solar will help the battery stay in good condition and extend its lifespan. Win win!

There’s also minimal maintenace required! After the initial investment and set up costs of a solar system, the panels don’t need much maintenance, just a good clean, and will last for years. There are no moving parts to break and no fuel to keep it going – just the sun.


There are many different options when it comes to solar panels, give our team a call today to find out about campervan solar panel fitting. We will talk you through the systems on offer what type of system might work best for your adventures. The Kamperzs team are based in Alva, Central Scotland so we are easy to reach from all over Scotland. Let the off-grid exploring begin!

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Solar panel up close - campervan solar panel fitting Scotland