Motorhome Habitation Service And Inspection in central Scotland


  Habitation servicing

We at Kamperzs ensure that your motorhome or RV has an annual habitation service which is imperative to its overall health and functionality. A habitation service can be done at any point in the year with many motorhome owners choosing winter, as this can be a quieter period for both service centres and motorhomers.

Why Should We Have A Habitation Check ?

  • A habitation service will highlight and fix any important safety and/or performance related issues your motorhome may have. A habitation service from Kamperzs with an approved workshop will also provide peace of mind and reassurance.

  • Our service engineers use a range of specialized equipment to thoroughly check the living area of your motorhome and you will be provided with a Gas Safe installation certificate, electrical testing certificate and damp readings at the end.

  • Please note that a Habitation Service does not include servicing of the base vehicle and road legal requirements. We also specialize in vehicle servicing, diagnostic and repair.

Book your next service or repair with us, experience the best of service and significant cost saving with peace of mind that your manufacturers warranty remains intact.